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Real Challenges, Smart Solutions


Whether you are an enterprise looking for SaaS simplicity or a CSP looking for OSS hybrid multi-cloud agility, we have solutions that support your initiatives and deployment preferences.


Full-Stack Visibility

Unryo collects metrics, events and meta-data from all sources, detects problems in real-time, and delivers valuable dashboards for your users and customers.


Monitoring as a Service

You are looking for a fully hosted service in the cloud, for simplicity. But still, you want a solution that offers you the option to selectively move back on-prem or in your clouds any component or data, at any time, with just a few clicks?


OSS Digital Transformation

Unryo helps CSPs being more agile. Our cloud-native offering is built on the best open-source tools that are enriched, secured and unified through a patented hybrid and multi-cloud connectivity layer. Unryo saves time and money to your DevOps teams, and fits perfectly in your global OSS transformation intiative, whether you plan to use open APIs for close-loop integration, leverage a streaming architecture based on Kafka, or orchestrate your services using Kubernetes.
We are both a software vendor and a business partner to support your move to digital transformation.

Digital Transformation

On-Premise Platform

Deploy rapidly a modern monitoring platform anywhere across your hybrid, multi-cloud and edge environments. And start monitor your entire infrastructure instantly.

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Build up

Build up your complete hybrid solution

The Unryo Registry Service provides a foundation for a growing ecosystem of connected applications, allowing customers to build their own tailored hybrid service, with ease, and managed from a single place.



Heavy-lift your current

OSS infrastructure

Unryo connects to leading OSS and to your custom tools, then provides a consistent operational environment as one integrated system. Stop managing individual parts, avoid vendor lock-in, and start your monitoring with an open and coherent platform.


Internet of Things (IoT)​

The Unryo platform uses lighweight extensible collectors that can be deployed on the edge, near your IoT devices. Unryo supports a variety of protocols and streaming data to collect, filter and analyze data from IoT devices and sensors.

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Data Integration

Unryo consolidates and transforms data from various data sources, and provides a unified solution for real-time analytics and insights.

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