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Unryo Recognized as a Leader for Application Modernization and Observability as Code by Enterprise Management Associates

MONTREAL, June 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Unryo, a leader in monitoring and analytics, announces today it has been identified by the EMA analyst firm as one of the top three vendors in its enterprise software product, for monitoring, scalability, and continuous optimization of application performance, infrastructure health, and digital user experience management across data centers, public clouds, and edge locations.

The EMA's Top 3 Enterprise 2020 Decision Guide is authored by Torsten Volk, managing research director of cloud native, DevOps, machine learning and AI. EMA research has identified top enterprise software products based on how well they address today’s critical pain points in hybrid cloud management, application modernization, automation, DevOps/Site Reliability Engineering, machine learning, deep learning, and AI.

“We are honored to be recognized by EMA report” said Michel Foix, co-founder of Unryo. “EMA supports our point of view that IT Ops and DevOps teams are looking for a scalable and flexible cloud-native solution, combining the best of breed open source softwares”. “Unryo’s platform stands out in the industry with its unique ability to automatically build a comprehensive monitoring service, agnostic to the infrastructure, and we are thrilled to get validation from industry experts".

As enterprises and CSPs accelerate their digital transformation to a new, dynamic infrastructure model, they expect their monitoring to be agile, easily deployable in the most appropriate environment based on location, cost or security reasons, which can be the edge, near the devices, on-premises in their data-centers or in their public clouds.

The Unryo platform addresses this with a modern microservice containerized architecture, and covers the three observability pillars – metrics, logs and traces – in a unified way. The Unryo decoupled architecture makes use of multi-cloud flexibility and is adapted to large enterprises organizations where each team is responsible for one service. By doing so, Unryo makes it simpler to operate, and faster to integrate to with other tools – such as OSS/BSS systems. 

“Building and operating a monitoring stack with open-sources is time-consuming. To avoid that, some organizations go with a SaaS service instead. But SaaS locks you in. Your data is hosted and owned by the cloud vendor, in a proprietary platform.” said Nicolas Souty, CEO at Unryo. “With the Unryo platform, we are helping hybrid and multi-cloud organizations to run an open cloud-native monitoring platform, without the operational burden. Unryo is all about simplification, innovation, and openness. It combines the best open-source software, enriches them and unifies them to form a coherent platform for full-stack observability, while keeping 100 percent compatibility with the original open-source solutions.”

To arrange a demo of Unryo, visit:

Some of the key features of Unryo include:

  • A set of packaged and containerized open-sources  — the TICK stack, the ELK stack, Open Telemetry, Grafana, Envoy  — that form together a complete observability service covering every monitoring function – data gathering, logs and time-serie storage, search engine, streaming analytic, alerting and dashboarding

  • A simple-to-use wizard to deploy platform components in clicks, or programmatically, or using Kubernetes, across any environment – datacenters, private clouds, public clouds and edge

  • A patent-pending connectivity service, that registers and securely connects components by their tenant, and automates the management of the entire platform

  • A centralized control console that gives teams real-time visibility on the platform and deployed collectors, with topology views, telemetry and geo-maps

  • A unified configuration UI that centralizes the management of the platform components using a state-of-the-art secure configuration vault

  • A strong API that opens all the functions of the platform to programmatic consumption

  • Pre-made instrumentation – data collection templates, analytic rules, ready-to-use dashboards, OSS/BSS connectors – that covers the full-stack from network to hosts to applications, in a unified data model

  • Correlated alerts between logs, metrics and traces

  • Extended features, such as a strong tagging engine to add meta-data, a buffering mechanism to prevent data-loss, an alarm console to see active events and manage them (acknowledge, add context, take ownership, …)

  • A choice of deployment. Unryo can be deployed anywhere, private or public clouds, thanks to its cloud native design. You can also use it as a fully managed service


A detailed analysis of EMA's research findings is available in the "EMA Top 3 Enterprise Decision Guide for 2020" report.

In addition to the research report, EMA launched a new EMA Top 3 website to deliver an ongoing stream of Top 3-related research content to provide readers with the latest data, opinions and product information to identify and harness technology trends.

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About EMA
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About Unryo
Unryo is a modern monitoring analytics platform which let you gain full visibility on all the layers of your infrastructure, from physical up to deep inside your applications. All of this with simplicity, thanks to the pre-configured connectors, analytics and reporting live dashboards. For more information, visit or follow Unryo on LinkedIn

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