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Products / Unryo Monitor features

Ultralight Collector

  • Docker container, cloud-agnostic, low footprint

  • Agent-less data collection

  • High Frequency Polling

  • Template-based, loaded with dozens of prebuilt technology integrations

  • Extensible

  • Robust SNMP data collection

  • Event/Log/Network Flow Receiver

  • Listen Incoming Streaming Protocols

Real-time Analytics

  • Streaming analytics for millions of metrics and events.

  • Machine Learning Capabilities and Statistical Algorithms

  • Outlier Detection & Conditions

  • Predictive analysis, to alert when data deviates 

  • Service Impact


Alerts & Notifications

  • Alert Refinements

  • Alert Notifications (email, Slack, PagerDuty, OpsGenie, Webhooks, ...)


Prebuilt Monitoring Integrations

  • Library of dozens of pre-built monitoring integration packs

  • Covers data acquisition, KPIs, analytics and dashboards.

  • Network & Flows Monitoring.

  • 5G Monitoring.

  • Server Monitoring.

  • VMs Monitoring.

  • Container Monitoring.

  • Applications & Databases Monitoring.

  • Cloud Monitoring (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform)

  • Log Management.

  • IoT capabilities.


Powerfull Interactive Dashboards

  • Rich dashboard & reports capabilities, with interactive views.

  • Predefined dashboards covering your entire stack

  • Customizable, Template-based dashboards, to create custom views

  • KPI computation

  • Contextual dashboards with events on charts

  • Global Search engine, to examine millions of metrics & logs quickly

  • Portal Branding

  • Multi-tenant portal, that controls user privileges and data access.

  • Collaboration capabilities, to share insights and contents.


Cloud-Native Control UI

  • Manage all your platform components from a single point

  • Deploy components easily, regardless their location, in few clicks, using an intuitive wizard

  • Visualize in a live topology map every components and connections with health status 

  • Powered by Unryo Connect, the cloud service that help build and operate hybrid and multi-cloud services.


Modern Platform that scale

  • Cloud native, secure, elastic scaling

  • Fully Customizable at every layer: data collection, storage, analytic, presentation.

  • Open APIs to integrate systems and data

  • SDK to write new integrations for your apps


See for yourself.

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