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Unryo Connect

Unryo Connect is the industry-first hybrid multi-cloud registry service (patent pending), globally reachable,

to connect everything, from everywhere, securely, zero conf.

How It Works

Unryo Connect is an easy-to-use cloud service giving enterprises control to build and operate robust hybrid and multi-clouds applications.

How Unryo's Hybrid Multi-Cloud Architecture Works

The heart of the solution. The registry server communicates with deployed Unryo components, and instruct them how to inter-connect securely between them, whether they are on-prem or in a cloud.

Unryo Connect Registry Server


They are cloud-native, contained apps, bootstrapped with PKI security and monitoring capabilities. 

Unryo Components


Deploy apps in-a-click, with the wizard. Get real-time status of nodes and inter-connections with the topology map.

Unryo Control UI

By deploying Unryo components, from the ready ecosystem, or by adding your own apps, you're building your hybrid multi-cloud service. Unryo Connect makes it simple to setup and easy to operate. We've created our own monitoring platform using Unryo Connect, that you deploy in your infrastructure (Unryo Enterprise) or use as a Service (Unryo SaaS).



Why Use Unryo Connect?

An open service, technology-agnostic

Unryo Connect connects everything. No limitation. So you can build and operate any kind of services at scale.

Hybrid Multi-Cloud agility

Deploy Unryo components anywhere, in your data-centers, in your clouds, in the edge near your IoT devices, or in your customer/partners networks.

Config Free

Few clicks to rapidly deploy, redirect flows live, move components dynamically from one location to another.

Total Control & Visibility

Visualize every component live, see where they are, how they are connected, with live maps and telemetry information.

Deployment via Kubernetes & Docker Swarm

Leverage Kubernetes and Docker Swarm for easy deployment and scale across private and public clouds.

Ready Ecosystem

Deploy in minutes new instances of compatible apps such as Elasticsearch, InfluxDB, Grafana, Telegraph. Add custom apps in few steps.

Join the Community

Build your own app, certify them through our team — making them reuse by Unryo’s ecosystem.

Control UI

The Unryo Control UI displays the overall topology mesh, telemetry information, and acts as a control plane for the admin user to perform actions and deploy easily components

Multi-Cloud IT monitoring made easy

Register to Unryo Connect, browse our catalog and deploy prebuilt apps. Or build your own reusable app with our SDK. Unryo ecosystem is domain agnostic and allow you to build and operate any kind of hybrid multi-cloud services.


Wizard helps deploy new apps in just few clicks. Simply select the app, it's destination, and get the one-liner install. Once started, the app will be automatically instructed by the Unryo Registry Service on how to connect to its peer(s).​


A choice of deployment - docker, docker compose, Kubernetes, Docker Swarm.


A Topology Map displays apps and interconnects in real-time, along with their status and health. You can control your mesh graphically and move components from one location to another, live.


A Geo Map displays where your apps are located, in which data center or cloud provider regions, giving you a quick understanding on how your cluster is distributed.


Want to know more?

Resources and documentation may help you.

If you have further questions about Unryo Connect, please contact us.

See for yourself.

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