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Unryo Enterprise Hybrid Multicloud IT Monitoring Platform

The first hybrid multi-cloud monitoring platform, powered by Unryo Connect.

Run it anywhere. Hybrid multi-cloud made easy.

Why Use Unryo Enterprise IT Monitoring?

Designed for Telcos & Large Enterprises

Unryo Enterprise is a telco-grade, integrated platform built on industry's de-facto open sources. Developed with security and agility in mind.

Full-Stack Monitoring & Analytics at Scale

Loaded with dozens of prebuilt monitoring integrations. Metrics, logs and streaming analytics. We built it to target the key use-cases for telcos and large enteprises.

Single Point of Control

Get a real-time consolidated view of your multiple monitoring tools and data. Manage it as an integrated service instead of disparate systems.

Zero-conf deployment

Deploy rapidly your own complete hybrid multi-cloud monitoring platform with collectors, databases and portals, across your data-centers and clouds. And start monitor your entire infrastructure instantly.

Completely Integrated Platform

You're in control. Unryo automates most of the work for you.  Unryo components are contained, platform agnostic, driven by a cloud registry service. You get maximum visibility and control through topology views and easy-to-use wizards.

Customization at every layer

Every dashboard, alert, collected metric and data retention can be tuned. Sky is the limit to customize your own service. Browse the list of key features.

Multi-tenant, multi-customers

With organization's tokens, you are able to create multiple environments for your tenants.

Powered by Unryo Connect

Platform components are driven by Unryo Connect, the global online service, that instructs them how to inter-connect securely between them, whether they are on-prem or in a cloud.

Multi-Cloud Agility

Rapidly deploy components where you want. In clicks. Move them when you want and flows will redirect live. So you respect your security requirements and optimize your costs. Hybrid multi-cloud agility at its best!

Connect all your monitoring tools

We understand that existing products may have to coexists. Unryo Enterprise made it easily with its Connect technology, its set of prebuilt agentless integrations, and its open APIs.

Kubernetes Integration

Unryo has a micro-service architecture with self-autonomous components, platform-agnostic, that can be orchestrated with Kubernetes and Docker Swarm.

Ready Ecosystem

Deploy in minutes new instances of compatible apps such as ElasticSearch, InfluxDB, Grafana, Telegraph, and more. Or build your own app, making it reuse by the community.

24/7 support

Complete 365/24/7 support, with access to support engineer for customization help.


Discover the key capabilities and features of the solution.

See for yourself.

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