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5G & Mobile Network Monitoring

With the Unryo platform, Mobile Operators can fastly customize dashboards & analytics to monitor the performance, quality and capacity of their mobile service.

  • Rich set of adapters capable of collecting multiple technologies (radio, transmission, core network) and vendors (Ericsson, Huawei, NSN, ...)

  • Openstack Monitoring

  • Generic data model to unify KPIs for report & analytic consistency

  • Scalable architecture to process large volumes of time-serie and call data in real-time

  • Powerfull dashboard capabilities to create relevant & tailored network traffic views, device utilization and subscribers data

  • Geolocated visualization to represent calls and identify hotspots

Unryo's Benefits

Works with your existing stack to modernize the NOC

Consolidate millions of metrics and events for better insights

Cross-Domain Correlation

Close-loop Integration

Enhance Agility

Looking for a new IT monitoring tool?

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