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Connect anything. Monitor everything. 

Industry's First

Hybrid Multi-Cloud Monitoring Platform

Take advantage of the cloud's simplicity, without vendor lock-in.


Run Anywhere

Run Platform Components into containers, anywhere on premise or in your clouds, simply and securely. You can also use Unryo as-a-service.

Automated Platform

One Click deployment, Automatic connectivity, Central Point of Control. Unryo is a modern and cohesive platform, easy to deploy and to use.

Full-Stack Monitoring

Consolidate data from all sources (infrastructure, clouds, IoT, mobile) and transform it into valuable dashboards for your users and customers.

Unryo gives complete and deep visibility on your entire environments, metrics and logs, using predefined instrumentation. Simply install the collector, in just few clicks, and that's it! Unryo will analyze data in real-time, and inform your teams and customers with powerful dashboards and alerts.


Get insights in minutes

A Revolutionary Platform Architecture:

"The HomeKit™ for Enterprises"

The Unryo platform is built on a unique (patent pending)

connectivity layer, called Connect, that automates all the work and gives administrators a central point of control. 

So the Unryo deployment is super easy and secure. Even if you choose to deploy the platform across multiple and hybrid environments.

The Unryo difference


Going hybrid or multi-cloud? Then start deploy and move your platform components everywhere, on-prem or in your clouds, where it makes sense for you.

On-the-fly. In a click. At any time. And dynamically.

So you optimize your cost, respect your security policies, integrate nicely your existing tools and stay consistent with your global cloud strategy.

Unryo gives you the best of both worlds, a hybrid and multi-cloud platform in a cloud-like service.

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Business Benefits of Unryo

Flexibility & Agility

Components are cloud-native, containerized software you can deploy anywhere, move anywhere, where it makes sense for you, based on security, compliance, cost, availability, or other technical requirements.

Multi-Cloud made simple

Save time and money.

With Unryo, flexibility doesn't mean complexity. Unryo is a completely managed platform integrated with Kubernetes and Docker Swarm.

No Vendor Lock-Ins

You're free to move any component at any time, from SaaS to cloud to on-prem or cross clouds. Data is yours. Unryo is an open platform, built on best open source tools.

Going SaaS, not Hybrid?

The easiest way to get started! As a fully Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), we host and manage everything for you.


Designed for Telcos & MSPs 


Unryo provides the scalability and flexibility required by Large Organizations to monitor complex, multi-domain, multi-customer infrastructures and services.

  • Available as a SaaS service, or Hybrid Multi-Cloud

  • Modular, extensible architecture

  • Templated, pre-configured integrations

  • Interface with leading OSS, NMS and other IT systems

A Modern, Hyper-Scale Platform


Unryo is a modern

microservice architecture platform, powered by Unryo Connect, the industry-first cloud registry server.


Unryo gathers data from various sources and transforms it into valuable dashboards and insights for your users and customers.


Use our SaaS version,

or deploy Unryo components anywhere you want: on-prem or in your clouds right from the marketplace.

We support your setup!


Unryo comes with tons of integrations, covering the most popular products and technologies.

Canadian Wireless Provider

has selected Unryo for IoT monitoring


The Unryo Platform will provide monitoring and tracking of IoT devices

across their target verticals: fleet management, smart cities and plants.

Real Challenges, Smart Solutions


Whether you are an enterprise looking for cloud simplicity or a Service

Provider looking for hybrid flexibility, we have solutions that support

your initiatives and deployment preferences.



Fast paced. Rapid growth. Big fun. Join a passionate team. Check out our open positions.

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