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  • Directly connect with your cloud provider(s) - AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform - to collect metrics and metadata

  • Built-in dashboards for multiple cloud resources (servers, containers, storage, applications and services)

  • Anomaly detection (baseline, projections, dynamic thresholding)

  • Consolidated visibility across public, private, and hybrid clouds


Fully SaaS Platform

You are looking for a fully hosted service in the cloud. But still, you want a solution that offers you the option to selectively move back on-prem any component or data, at any time, with just few clicks?


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Unryo's Benefits

Unryo monitors the performance and availability of your resources from your public clouds (AWS, Microsoft Azure, GCP), as well as the cloud service availability. By providing a single dashboard across all locations, you get full visibility of the capacity, performance, utilization, and cost of your cloud resources.

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