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Unryo's platform monitors everything with a single-pane-of-glass view.

Available as a fully managed service or as a hybrid multicloud deployable solution,

The result: a single integrated platform with near-zero maintenance, fully open, without vendor lock-in.

From Data-Centers Infrastructure monitoring to Clouds, 
from Metrics to Logs, and from Traces to Network Flows.

Complete Observability

Metrics, Logs and Traces

Get instant insights on the performance, health and capacity of your entire infrastructure and all your services. With interactive dashboards that display metrics, KPIs, alerts and logs in context.


Analyze your
Infrastructure, Applications and Clouds.  

Monitor your Hosts, VMs and Containers. Analyze your Traffic Flows. Run Synthetic tests to understand user experience. View services from AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. Or detect issues on your Kubernetes clusters. We've built in ready-to-use integrations for the full stack.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Ingest and Explore
all your Logs

Unryo accepts virtually any type of logs and events into a horizontally-scalable architecture. Ingest massive volumes of log data and bring more visibility into your servers, containers, applications, network and cloud services.

Log Management

Monitor your Apps
with Distributed Tracing  

Know which application or service is impacted, and debug visually to discover the root cause.

By tracking each function or microservice which handles a given request, Unryo helps you understand what is happening in your application, whether it is monolithic or distributed over hundreds of microservices.


Receive in real-time
Analytics-Powered Alerts

Unryo Analytics Engine detects anomalies in real-time, using algorithms such as outlier detection, moving average and dynamic forecasting. Add your own alerts. See them in-context within dashboards. Manage them in the Alarm Console. And Notify via emails, Slack, PagerDuty, ServiceNow, SNMP, TMForum API endpoints, and more.


Manage Everything
with Connect Console  

You're in Control. Use the console to deploy in clicks, to manage centrally all geo-distributed collectors. Configure everything simply and reduce maintenance to near-zero. Say goodbye to SSH, file transfers, complex stack management or fastidious scaling work.

Connect Console

Stay Secure
with the Encrypted Vault  

With Unryo, all your configurations are centralized and stored encrypted in a secure vault, which serves as the communication channel back to your collectors.

One more thing... the vault can reside on prem or in the cloud. You decide.


Build Custom Integrations

Integrate key functions of Unryo into your DevOps stack using the Unryo REST API. The API allows you to interact programmatically with Unryo at every level: collector provisioning, tagging, metrics, logs, traces, dashboards, alerts. 


Connect your Tools with
OSS Integration

Connect all your multiple monitoring tools and data. Manage it as an integrated service instead of disparate systems. Use the Unryo API to retrieve charts, data, logs and alerts. Leverage the Unryo SDK to write integrations for your apps. Simply activate built-in specific adapters - such as Dell EMC M&R Watch4net and TMF Open APIs; or use generic input/output connectors.

OSS Integration

Available On Premise and
in the Cloud

Unryo is available On Premise or as a SaaS offering.

If you go with the on premise deployment, you deploy components where you want. In clicks. Programmatically. Securely. With a central console.

If you go SaaS, we host and manage everything for you.

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Cloud-native, CSP-grade platform

Unryo is built on modern open source tools into a micro-service architecture and unique control plane to deliver a scalable monitoring and observability solution.

Open and Customizable

Customizable at every layer: data collection instrumentation, metadata enrichment, KPI computation, storage retention, analytics rules, alerting actions and dashboards.

Near-Zero Maintenance

Driven by a patent-pending connectivity layer that automates most of the work for you. One-Click deployment. Central Console. Topology views. Geo-Maps. Easy-to-use wizards. Hybrid and Multicloud made easy.

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