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Unryo SaaS: IT Monitoring and Analytics as a Service

The powerful monitoring platform as a service. Easy to use, ready in minutes, feature-rich, secure.

With 24x7 support and dedicated engineers to assist you.


Why Use Unryo SaaS?

Ready in minutes

Unryo SaaS is ready in minutes. You can try it right now. With out-of-the-box integrations and dashboards, you get instant visibility on your entire infrastructure, clouds and apps.

Unified metrics & logs

Unryo Monitor gathers data - metrics and logs - agentless, from a vast range of devices, systems and applications; and transforms it into valuable insights for your users and customers.

Lightweight Collector

Simply install our collector on your host machine to start injecting data. That's it. You can then browse your dashboards. Communication is one-directional, SSL channel, from your network only. No incoming connections.

Prebuilt Integrations

Library of dozens of pre-built monitoring integration packs, taking care of data acquisition, KPIs computation, embedded analytics and dashboard representation. Cover all IT silos from network to servers & containers to applications and clouds.

Powerfull Interactive Dashboards

Easy to interpret dashboards with interactive views and recommandations. Search, share, customize, export and control user privileges.

Rich Alerting

Streaming analytics for metric and event data. Machine Learning capabilities. Multiple alert notification channels (email, Slack, PagerDuty, VictorOps, OpsGenie, Kafka REST Proxy and more). 


Developed from the ground-up with a elastic architecture to scale up as the load grows.

No vendor lock-in

You're free to move any component at any time, from cloud to on-prem or cross clouds. Data is yours.

24/7 support

Complete 365/24/7 support, with access to support engineers for customization help.

Discover the key capabilities and features of the solution.

See for yourself

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