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Unryo acts as a “Manager of Managers” to consolidate and enrich monitoring of hybrid infrastructures

March 2, 2023

Unryo announces better and simplified monitoring of hybrid infrastructures, with a single-pane-of glass and multi-layer correlation
Montreal, Quebec -- Unryo, a leader in monitoring and analytics, announces today that it simplifies and enriches the monitoring of infrastructures, by bringing together all metrics and alerts from many sources, into a global single view, enabling teams to react faster and respond quickly to issues.

Large organizations have to deal with disparate monitoring tools, which makes it difficult to monitor their infrastructure and services coherently. Unryo addresses this challenge by connecting to legacy systems, monitoring tools and devices, and providing a consistent operational environment as one integrated system.
Built on a scalable container architecture, the Unryo platform ingests millions of timeseries metrics, logs, events, application traces and virtually any source of data. It then analyzes and correlates on the fly to detect anomalies and find root-causes of problems. This results in a better understanding of issues and their impacts on business services, a reduced fault resolution time and a minimised service disruption.
The Unryo platform is packaged with many built-in integrations with 3rd-party monitoring tools, devices and communication protocols, including the following:

Networks & Flows: SNMP, Cisco, Juniper, Riverbed, Fortinet, Netflow, IP-SLA
Host/Virtualization/Containers: Linux, Microsoft Windows, VMware, Citrix, Kubernetes, Docker, Openstack
Public Clouds: Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure
Applications/Databases: Apache Cassandra, Oracle, Couchbase, Microsoft SQL Server, Jenkins, NGINX
Storage: Dell EMC, NetApp, Nutanix, Pure Storage
APIs/3rd Systems/Tools: Syslog, Webhooks, MQTT, OpenTelemetry, Kafka

The Unryo platform has been used to manage the operations of complex distributed infrastructures for MSPs and large enterprises. The goal, for the manager of managers approach, is to deliver a higher layer management platform that provides organizations immediate benefits and clear results, including:

• A single pane of glass, with real-time insights
• Ingestion of millions of metrics, logs and events, at scale
• Detailed, technical and customer-centric dashboards.
• Topology Discovery & Visual Interactive Maps
• Event reduction, through deduplication & correlation
• AI-powered Anomaly Detection
• Proactive Monitoring
• Root-Cause Detection and Impact Analysis
• Business Service Impact and SLA Reporting
• Cross Team Collaboration with a customizable Alarm Console
• Fast Remediation & Bi-directional integration with Incident systems

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About Unryo
Unryo is a modern performance monitoring and analytics platform that lets organizations gain full visibility into all the layers of their infrastructure, from the network all the way up to deep inside their applications. Unryo detects problems across virtual, physical, and multi-cloud networks, then it uses correlation to identify the root cause and impacts, so organizations reduce the service outages and ensure strong customer satisfaction. The platform is available as a deployable solution (on premise) or a cloud service (SaaS). For more information, visit or follow Unryo on LinkedIn

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