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Unryo addresses Edge Computing Challenges with its Cloud-Native Observability Platform

September 6, 2023


Unryo facilitates data collection and real-time analysis closer to data sources and edges with distributed monitoring and remediation across the entire network.

Montreal, Quebec -- Unryo announces a new release of its observability platform, engineered to tackle the complexities of edge computing monitoring. This innovative solution addresses the unique challenges faced by organizations operating in distributed, latency-sensitive edge environments, redefining how performance is monitored and optimized.


In the world of edge computing, as more data is generated at the edge, it becomes difficult to ship all telemetry data into a central monitoring solution while keeping up with a real-time monitoring. Another aspect is the continuity: sites still need to be locally monitored even if the connection to the data-center or cloud is down. While traditional monitoring solutions fall short, Unryo enables efficient deployment and scalability as edge deployments evolve.

Centralized Orchestration for Decentralized Networks

Unryo includes light monitors that collect and analyze data at the edge, combined with a central console that gives teams a very easy way to orchestrate and coordinate thousands of edge nodes. This approach streamlines operations, simplifies configuration management, and ensures consistent monitoring policies across all edge nodes.


Key Features and Benefits:


1. The Unryo Edge Node: The Unryo Edge Node is a container application added to cloud native deployments at the edge. It collects, reduces, transforms and analyzes data close to the source, in addition of being able to detect anomalies in real time and to remediate issues directly. It then forwards findings and subsets of its data to the central platform for global visibility.


2. Designed for resource-constrained environments: Edge devices are generally resource constrained. The Unryo Edge Node is a very light, resource-efficient container deployable on either low spec Linux devices, on Kubernetes nodes or as a VM if edge servers are virtualized.


3. Built to handle unreliable connectivity: The Unryo Edge Node works autonomously, to keep monitoring continuity for the local site even under a prolonged connectivity outage situation. Once the connectivity is back, any buffered data is sent to the central platform.


4. Monitor a wide variety of devices at the Edge: Loaded with best-practice monitors, the Unryo Edge node analyzes metrics and logs in real-time, from a multitude of sources (small IoT sensors, network devices, Kubernetes resources, VMs, high-powered servers, common applications, APIs, etc.).


5. Bring Anomaly Detection and Remediation at the Edge level: By performing analytics computation directly at the edge, close to the monitored resources, anomalies are detected in real-time and remediated in seconds. Unryo local analytics and ML uses multiple techniques like baselining, outlier detection and topology awareness.


6. Low-Latency Insights: Embracing the core tenet of edge computing—low latency—the solution provides instantaneous data insights, enabling operators to take actions rapidly.


7. Central Orchestration: The Unryo console controls all distributed edge resources, helping deploy, maintain and upgrade across large-scale edge sites easier than ever. In a few clicks, administrators can push a new monitoring template to thousands of locations at once, and get visual maps for all deployments, ensuring the entire edge fleet is in good shape.


8. Dynamic Scalability: Designed to scale seamlessly, built on a cloud-native and container-based architecture, Unryo accommodates the dynamic nature of edge networks. It adapts effortlessly to fluctuations in demand, ensuring consistent observability as edge deployments evolve.

9. Secure Communications: In edge computing, data may travel between different distributed nodes connected through the Internet and thus requires special encryption mechanisms. Unryo uses a service mesh that secures and encrypts all communications between the edge and the data center or cloud.


About Unryo

Unryo is a modern performance monitoring and analytics platform that lets organizations gain full visibility into all the layers of their infrastructure, from the network all the way up to deep inside their applications. Unryo detects problems across virtual, physical, and multi-cloud networks, then it uses correlation to identify the root cause and impacts, so organizations reduce the service outages and ensure strong customer satisfaction. The platform is available as a deployable solution (on premise) or a cloud service (SaaS). For more information, visit or follow Unryo on LinkedIn

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