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MantisNet and Unryo Partner to Deliver API-Centric Observability for 5G Infrastructure

August 17, 2022


Reston VA and Montreal, Quebec -- MantisNet and Unryo announced an expanded collaboration that will enable customers to deploy, connect, control and secure their cloud-native 5G operations, easily, securely and in a consistent way.

Today’s cloud-native and multi-cloud architectures provide integrators and operators the flexibility to innovate using the best services from different cloud providers, without vendor lock-in. Multi-vendor, multi-cloud environments also come with inherent complexity that can slow deployment, increase costs, as well as create security blind spots, that result in diminished user experience. 

MantisNet and Unryo are collaborating to help eliminate the complexity and risk inherent in customers’ multi-vendor cloud initiatives. The combination of the Unryo analytic platform and MantisNet CVF sensors provides the collection of telemetry from the entire stack and transforms it into insights that users and customers can use to better operate, manage, and secure their cloud infrastructure. The combined solution consists of Unryo’s monitoring platform, covering distributed data collectors, analytic engine and portal, combined with MantisNet CVF sensors which provide deep, continuous, real-time insight into the underlying systems.

“Today’s cloud-native systems are built using containerized, distributed micro-services-based architectures. Accordingly, the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are the key to understanding their operations, status, and communications within those systems,” said Peter Dougherty CEO of MantisNet. “Together, Unryo and MantisNet are providing systems integrators, and operators the solutions they need to harness the power of multi-vendor cloud deployments to achieve value from technology investments faster, compete more effectively, and operate their businesses more efficiently and securely.”

“The innovative solutions we have created with MantisNet enable enterprises to accelerate the development and deployment of 5G applications while dramatically simplifying the management of a multi-cloud infrastructure,” said  Nicolas Souty, CEO  of Unryo. “This strategic partnership will help customers accelerate innovation and drive agility and scale, which makes it an exciting proposition for leading enterprises.”

About MantisNet

MantisNet is a leader in the observability and cloud-native technology revolution that is rapidly disrupting IT operations. The MantisNet observability platform—the Containerized Visibility Fabric (CVF) — provides access and visibility into the inner workings of cloud-native, micro-services based, environments—from the core to the edge. The MantisNet CVF platform is both vendor and cloud agnostic; it combines the power of deep kernel-level instrumentation, a composable event-driven architecture, and in-node processing to deliver continuous, real-time visibility. As a result, the MantisNet CVF provides significant cost, operational and security benefits. For more information, visit and follow MantisNet on LinkedIn 

About Unryo

Unryo is a modern performance monitoring and analytics platform that lets organizations gain full visibility into all the layers of their infrastructure, from the network all the way up to deep inside their applications. Unryo detects problems across virtual, physical, and multi-cloud networks, then it uses correlation to identify the root cause and impacts, so organizations reduce the service outages and ensure strong customer satisfaction. The platform is available as a deployable solution (on premise) or a cloud service (SaaS). For more information, visit or follow Unryo on LinkedIn

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