Monitor Every App.

And Debug visually to Discover Root Cause

Distributed Tracing provides insight into the performance and health of a deployed application. By tracking each function or microservice which handles a given request, it helps you understand what is happening in your application, whether it is monolithic or distributed application with hundreds of microservices.

Know which service is affected

Investigate rapidly by searching in 100% of your traces. See exactly where your application is spending time. Identify bottlenecks. Your teams can find the root cause rapidly and simply, starting from alerts and from overall dashboards, down to the trace details


Powered by Open Standards

By leveraging OpenTracing and Jaeger CNCF projects, you get the right traces for the most popular sources, at scale. And yes: if you have instrumented already your apps using OpenTelemetry, you can start exploring them in Unryo with minimal changes.

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Instrument your Code Easily

Unryo gives you step-by-step instructions and recommanded packages to let you integrate to your languages, frameworks or librairies, with minimum effort.

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Build Custom Integrations


Integrate key functions of Unryo into your DevOps stack using the Unryo REST API. The API allows you to interact programmatically with Unryo at every level: collector provisionning, tagging, metrics, logs, traces, dashboards, alerts. 

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Embracing Open Sources

OpenTelemetry standard, Jaeger by CNCF agent, Elasticsearch backend. The best-in-class stack for Tracing, without the hazzle of building it yourself.


No Lock-In

With Unryo, data and configurations are yours and always exportable. Unryo’s platform unifies, simplifies, enriches, but never constrains you. You keep full compatibility with open-sources products and a high degree of openness.

No Complex Setup

Unryo is designed to be very easy to operate. The Unryo's modern control plane hides all the complexity and self-maintains the system. The Unryo's service mesh offers a secure transport of log data.