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Collect, Process, Live Tail and Analyze
all your Logs and Events

The Unryo platform ingests massive volume of logs data ; and bring more visibility to the entire stack: servers, containers, applications, network and cloud services.

Log Everything, in clicks

Unryo accepts virtually any type of logs and events (Syslog, files, docker, SNMP traps, traffic flows, CDRs, ...) and is compatible with most popular open-source data shippers.

Log Everything

Scale Horizontally-

to aggregate massive volumes of logs

Unryo is a micro-service platform. You can configure multiple log enpoints, all controled from Unryo's central configuration UI. Activate inputs, extrators, pipelines, and manage everything with just few clicks.

Learn more about Unryo Architecture

Scale Horizontally

Search and Visualize

Perform Searches with simple keywords. Use one-click filters to narrow results. View logs in dashboards and graphs for rapid insights. Build and save complex queries to save time.

Search and Visualize

Out-of-the-box features

Live Tail your logs

Observe all your aggregated logs with live tail, for up-to-the-second monitoring and troubleshooting. Pinpoint issues and get instant visibility into applications, services and platforms as logs arrive. And use Regex patterns to filter the stream.

Switch between Metrics & Logs

Correlate issues and identify the root case, in one place. Surface anomalies and key trends from Grafana dashboards and drill-down in-context to OpenSearch for in-depth log exploration.

Use Unryo Packs

We've done all the instrumentation work to support common types of log and event data. Unryo Packs include easy integrations and prebuilt dashboards that let you start monitoring servers, containers, network, and more.

Live Tail

Chain Rules

Inject Metadata Tags to logs

Alert on Presence (or Absence) of logs

Pick and activate rules rigth from the UI to filter and  enrich your logs. Control what information gets sent to Unryo. For example, exclude unwanted messages, enrich messages with new fields, and chain rules together. Deploy those rules - in a click - to all your log collector endpoints.

Easily apply tags to enrich logs and aid for processing your logs further. Add (or overide) fields with lookups, for example to map IPs to DNS, protocol port to name, and more.

Create alerts visually, based on a log pattern, a tag, an abnormal behavior, or even the lack of a log message. Unryo live-streams logs and trigger immediate notifications via Slack, Microsoft Teams, PagerDuty and more.

Chain Rules


Amazon S3 archiving

Forward your logs to an Amazon S3 bucket for long-term, low cost storage. Re-import it into Unryo when you need it.

S3 Archiving

Build Custom Integrations


Integrate key functions of Unryo into your DevOps stack using the Unryo REST API. The API allows you to interact programmatically with Unryo at every level: collector provisionning, tagging, metrics, logs, traces, dashboards, alerts. 

Learn more about Unryo REST API



Cloud-native, CSP-grade platform

Unryo is built on modern open source tools into a micro-service architecture and unique control plane to deliver a scalable monitoring and observability solution.


No Lock-In

With Unryo, data and configurations are yours and always exportable. Unryo’s platform unifies, simplifies, enriches, but never constrains you. You keep full compatibility with open-sources products and a high degree of openness.

No Complex Setup

Unryo is designed to be very easy to operate. The Unryo's modern control plane hides all the complexity and self-maintains the system. The Unryo's service mesh offers a secure transport of log data.


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