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Observability Made Simple

Detect problems across your entire infrastructure and services.
Correlate your metrics, logs and traces. And find root cause instantly.


Dynamic Topology learned from the ingested data. 


TopoMap Kubernetes.png

The Topology Map shows the infrastructure and services across multiple topology layers.




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See Everything Live 
in one (very cool) view

Unryo aggregates and classifies automatically all the infrastructure insights to a single console, and shows you live what's wrong in your metrics, logs and traces. Your team finds root causes in just few clicks.

Telco-Grade Platform
SaaS or On-Prem

Cloud-native architecture that scales. Time-Serie database.  Log search,

root-cause analysis engine,

flexible reporting, API and pipelines to 3rd-parties. You're covered to scale to millions devices.

Near-Zero Management
Up & Running in minutes

Everything is automatic, really!

Manage your entire stack and hundreds of collectors from a single control console. Fine-tune pre-built instrumentations, dashboards and alerts in clicks.

Unryo Analyzes 100% of your Infrastructure


Connect Anything. Monitor Everything. Full Visibility.

Going SaaS?
Deploy your collector and that's it. We manage everything for you!


Monitoring shouldn't be complex.
Be ready in minutes and monitor any device, any app, any cloud in clicks.
Unryo will detect problems, inform your team and indicate the specific cause.

Going On-Prem?
See how our platform fits in your DevOps architecture

Unryo addresses the operational challenges of large organizations, and provides DevOps teams
with a full set of integration features to devices, applications and OSS/BSS.

Deploy easily and scale-up. Unryo is modular and can be integrated in your Kubernetes cluster.  

The API allows you to interact programmatically with Unryo at every level: deployment, provisioning, database, portal, ...


Be ready in minutes. Then create your own templates. Unryo is 100% customizable at all layers. 

Be alerted via your preferred notifications systems (Slack, Teams, OpsGenie, SNMP traps, TMF Open APIs, ...)

Add context to your data with custom tags and associate dimensions such as customer name, BU, geolocation or SLAs.

We've unfied the best tools (ELK, Influx, Grafana, Fluent, ..) on a modern control plane. And we've enriched it with powerful features.

Exchange data easily in & out to & from your other systems with Kafka, Azure Event Hub and more.  

Manage everything from one place: deployment, scaling, health monitoring, users and tenants configuration.

vApp or Containers

Turnkey Instrumentations



Data Pipelines

3rd-Party Notifications

Single Console

Automated Control Plane

So, what makes us different ?

No vendor lock-in
Your data. Your business.

With Unryo, data and configurations are yours and always exportable. Unryo’s monitoring tool unifies, simplifies, enriches, but never constrains you. Unryo keeps full compatibility with open-sources products and a high degree of openness. You don’t lose the investment you made in deploying and customizing those tools.

Built on Best Open-Sources
+ Powerful Features.

Unryo unites the best open source tools to form a coherent, production-grade monitoring tool. Not only it unifies them with a patent-pending control plane technology, centralized UIs and powerful APIs, it also adds the key features that CSPs and large enterprises require to manage massive networks, such as a unified data model, an alarm console, a strong data protection, a metadata tagging mechanism, and hundreds of pre-made instrumentations.

Cloud Control Plane
(patent in-progress)

Industry's first OSS Cloud Control Plane

This is the centerpiece of the Unryo platform. It connects all your platform components and collectors, automatically and securely. With it, you are in total control, even if you run a distributed stack across many datacenters, clouds or customer networks. Hybrid and Multi-Cloud flexibility at its best.

Built for OSS/BSS
CSPs & Large Organizations

Unryo decouples all OSS functions into a micro-service architecture that is driven by a unique control plane. The platform leverages APIs, connectors and streamlined workflows to fit in your larger OSS/BSS strategy.



Fast paced. Rapid growth. Big fun. Join a passionate team. Check out our open positions.

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