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Elevate your Observability
with Topology and Correlation

Instantly                   Automatically                 Non-intrusively

Unryo analyses your data sources

(Prometheus, VictoriaMetrics, InfluxDB, SNMP and many others)

to surface problems, find root-causes and calculate business impacts. 

see it in action

Unryo is a Full-Stack Observability Platform

It analyzes your infrastructure and your monitoring tools to discover dependencies, correlate and surface problems.

Your operation teams get clear insights
with dynamic maps, root cause findings and AI recommendations to resolve issues faster.

Unryo is available both as a cloud offering or as an on-premise platform.

Just add Unryo on top of your data sources

No matter where your data is, Unryo queries your data sources

(Prometheus, VictoriaMetrics, InfluxDB, Elastic, network devices and many others)

to run its analysis and improve visibility.

Your data (metrics, logs, traces) stays in your storage systems

and is not duplicated (except if you want to).


Who Uses Unryo?

All Organizations

that use a (CNCF) open-source monitoring stack
and look for correlation/AI on top of it.


seeking for an all-in-one observability platform.


looking for an on-premise option
with strong capabilities on the network & 5G layers.

Use Cases

Platform Overview

See the big picture,
based on your business goals

Traditional observability systems are flooded with an abondance of telemetry data, resulting in poor visibility.

Unryo takes a different approach by focussing on the data analysis based your the business goals. It finds and correlates problems, identifying the ones generating the most severe impacts and the ones  putting at risks company’s critical SLAs.

TopoMap Kubernetes.png


Multi-Layers Topology Maps

The Topology Engine discovers nodes and dependencies from various data sources by analyzing metadata from the metrics, logs and events.

Simply connect, then the magic operates.


Correlation & Analytics

Unryo detects anomalies and correlates automatically to give users insights with maximum of context.

Learn more >


As Unryo analyzes your data, it builds a dependency map by discovering resources and the relationships between them. This topology knowledge is used by the correlation engine to perform root-cause analysis and impact calculation.

Topology Correlation

Unryo detects anomalies from the data stream, and uses a set of algorithms from outlier detection to moving average, forecast and more.

Metric Anomaly Detection

Events can also come from your external systems (monitoring tools, SNMP traps, logs, ...). Events are processed, filtered and deduplicated. They end up with a common set of standardized tags.

Event Consolidation

The Business Impact Analysis lets you define Business Services, such as Customers, Departments, Contracts and more; then calculates their status, based on impact analysis driven by propagation rules



Service Impact Analysis

Track your SLOs and SLAs

Modelize your services in a service impact tree, and calculate SLO/SLA compliances.



AI Assistant
that delivers precise answers

Our correlation and AI engine brings precision, context and meaning to users.


It combines anomaly detection, topology-based RCA and ChatGPT integration to surface root cause and speed-up resolution.

ai assistant


Get instant insights on the performance, health and capacity of your entire infrastructure.

Unryo comes with a curated library of templates and configurations that monitor specific technologies by understanding the key metrics/logs/events, discovering topology dependencies, recognizing anomalies in the incoming data, computing KPIs and providing dashboards.


Get started with 3 easy steps

1. Choose your deployment

Cloud-Hosted by us, or On-Premise (Kubernetes, Docker, vApp)

2. Connect your Prometheus 

Or any other data source, using a non-intrusive data collection, with no agents deployed.

3. Explore insights

Unryo finds relationships, anomalies, correlations - and presents results in interactive maps & AI assistant.




Unryo is Recognized as a Leader  >

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