Our Vision: Agility and Simplicity

Our vision is that applications and services should run anywhere, deployed where you want. Some components should be on the cloud for simplicity, hyper-scaling and cost, but some must stay on prem for security, constraints or strategic reasons. And others have to be located on the edge for data reliability. What you need is a solution that helps you deploy, connect, control and move all those distributed components, easily, securely and in a consistent way.

A solution that combines the best of both worlds, a hybrid architecture in a cloud-like service.

The HomeKit™ for Enterprises applications and infrastructures

Unryo helps teams build and operate a complete service that span

data-centers, multi-clouds and edge. Deploy components/applications,

and see them work together in harmony. 

Heavy-lift your services and turn them ready for the digital transformation.

Your hybrid multi-cloud service, delivered at the cloud-like simplicity.

The future: from Cloud to Multi-cloud


As a native hybrid multi-cloud platform, every Unryo components can reside anywhere: data centers,

clouds, and edge, near IoT devices. All of this as one consistent and cohesive platform.

"Enterprises want multi-cloud agility but fear vendor lock-in", Survey 2019


The future: from Cloud to Multi-cloud


As a cloud native platform, every Unryo components can reside anywhere: data centers, clouds, and edge, near IoT devices. All of this as one consistent and cohesive platform.

Better Agility and Reliability

Enterprises keep control over key decisions that impact their business. This means choosing where to run the workload based on performance, cost, proximity to users and data or security requirements. When coupled with orchestrator tools like Kubernetes, for dynamic workload management, agility and reliability are multiplied.

No Vendor Lock-in

The future is about moving quickly, and about avoiding unnecessary vendor lock-ins. Unryo - built on open sources and hybrid - keeps a high degree of openness, and put enterprises in a better position to deal with the pace of change.

"Enterprises want multi-cloud agility but fear vendor lock-in", Survey 2019


End-to-End Integration

Hybrid provides better flexibility for enteprises to integrate their systems and data. They have more options to make new and old infrastructures coexist for a time, at every stack layer: collection, databases, compute or presentation.


Save Time and Money


Get ready in minutes. With Unryo, flexibility doesn't mean complexity.

Deploy containairized components and connect them in minutes. Consolidate data from your entire infrastructure. Integrate your own tools in a coherent workflow. Move components on-the-fly where it makes sense for you: on-prem or to your preferred cloud. Or simply leverage your own data store.

All of this with just a few clicks. Endless possibilities.


A full-stack analytic platform at scale

Unryo is a modular analytic plaform that gathers data from the entire stack and tranforms it into insights for your users and customers.

The platform is composed of packaged and certified versions of best-in-class open-source software, covering data collectors, time-series and elastic databases, portals, analysis engine and more. Once deployed, components learn how to communicate securely and seamlessly with the other components and app(s) of the organization, whether they are located inside your network or in the cloud.

Flexible Deployment Options

Go hybrid multi-cloud or SaaS ? You decide. Deploy components on premises and in your public clouds. Or simply use it as a SaaS service hosted by us. We support your setup.


High Impact Use-Cases

Unryo focuses on the few but important use-cases that are critical and have high impact for large organizations and CSPs/MSPs.

So, what's making Unryo really cool?


Unryo App are self-autonomous, platform-agnostic, and can be deployed everywhere.

Deployed everywhere you have a docker host

On-Premises, or in your private or public clouds.

Orchestrate with Kubernetes


Inter-connections between components are automatic and secure.

Driven entirely by the Unryo Connect Service

Zero conf, secured and monitored.

Move components, and inteconnections will reconnect


Unryo is open, you can integrate it smoothly in your OSS Digital Transformation

Decoupled & Modular Software Stack

Integrate smoothly with your existing tools

Streamline your entire monitoring service


Deploy hybrid multi-cloud solutions easily and rapidly

Choice of hybrid deployments or fully managed SaaS, for a ready-to-use solution

Wizard-Driven and Unified

Configuration UIs

Open APIs, for accessing data, configuration and close-loop integration