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Using Watch4Net, Dell EMC M&R or SRM?

Redirect data to Unryo.

See dashboards instantly.

The Unryo built-in adaptor 

for Watch4net, Dell EMC M&R and SRM.

Don’t discard any of your investment.

And simply ingest your valuable infrastructure metrics in the Unryo platform.


You can instantly benefit from all the Unryo features

and initiate a seamless transition into the next generation with minimal disruption.

Redirect all your data in Unryo.
In just few minutes.

Day One, the Unryo collector receives data directly from your Watch4net collector(s) and forwards it in the Unryo platform.

By doing so, you secure your monitoring data and get it in a modern and supported platform.

  • Works out-of-the-box

  • Supports Watch4net, SAS, M&R and SRM

  • Blacklist and Whitelist (on datagrp or any property) to control and filter-out data import

  • Tagging feature (similar to W4N PTF) to enrich metric properties before storage

  • On-Disk Buffering feature (similar to W4N FailOver filter), to prevent data-loss

  • Continuous Monitoring of the W4N data acquisition process (metrics gathered per sec, gather errors, buffer, …)

Watch4net Adapter.PNG

Optimized Time-Serie Database

Data is stored in a self-managed time-serie database for maximum performance.

  • W4N properties (subset controllable) are automatically converted into Unryo dimensions (tags)

  • Tags are indexed to speed-up queries

  • Tags are metadata to data points, to allow keeping history over time, and better manipulate data (grouping & filtering)

Anomaly Detection & Alerting

The data stream coming from Watch4net is automatically analyzed in real-time, to detect abnormal condtions such as peaks, deviations or no data.

  • Out-of-the-box analytic

  • Customize rules using formulas, combo-metrics, and filter on Watch4net properties / Unryo meta-data.

  • Event Console to see all active anomalies

  • Multiple Notifications Supported (email, slack, snmp traps, …)


See dashboards instantly

As soon as the Watch4net data is in, you're able to see it instantly. A global Watch4net dashboads gives quick representation of all Watch4net metrics, with drill-downs by common Watch4net properties.

  • By Collector, Source

  • By devtype, device

  • By parttype, part, metric name.

Ancre 4

Easily replicate your custom Watch4net reports

The Unryo Report Editor is based on Grafana, the open source reference for custom reporting. The report creation is fast and easy and you can benefit from the large Grafana community to add plugins

Explore UI

With the Explore UI, your users can make ad-hoc queries without the use of a dashboard. This is useful when users want to dig deeper into the data for troubleshooting purposes and quickly find the root cause of the issue.

  • Split feature to compare graphs and tables side-by-side

  • Query history

  • Metrics and Logs

A modern and open OSS Platform

Unryo is designed from the ground up to support requirements from CSPs and large enterprises

  • Multiple deployment options: on prem, hybrid multicloud or SaaS

  • Microservice architecture (docker containers)

  • Near-zero maintenance (easy deployment, automatic connectivity, unified UI and centralized configuration management)

  • Complete observability (metrics, logs, tracing – coming soon)

  • Loaded with multiple pre-made integrations, that cover the full-stack: network, flows, servers, applications, clouds, OSS tools.



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