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Unryo Version 3.1 Sets a Bold New Standard in Monitoring and Observability for Hybrid Cloud Organizations

March 3rd, 2021

The hybrid cloud model  offers numerous benefits for future-focused organizations. However, it also comes with certain downsides that must also be considered. For instance, can we simplify monitoring, at scale, and lower the cost of ownership when managing thousands and devices spread across multiple customers? How can we quickly identify failures or bottlenecks across the full stack, from network to applications and services? And finally, how can we get clear insights required by teams to troubleshoot problems quickly and improve user experience? Unryo 3.1 provides a powerful yet easy-to-use solution to all these challenges.

Therefore, our latest platform updates are geared towards improving the automation of monitoring and observability in very large infrastructures, and to extend monitoring to more technologies right out-of-the-box. No more visibility worries with your hybrid cloud – with Unryo 3.1!

Unryo, leading the way with its cloud monitoring and analytics platform, today launched Version 3.1 for general availability. The primary goal of this update is to empower organizations to monitor the full stack with comprehensive dashboards, metrics, anomaly detection and alarm routing.

Powered by a 100% cloud-native microservice architecture, the Unryo Platform works by consolidating all relevant monitoring data across today’s digital infrastructure, including on-premise data centers, cloud resources and third-party OSS, then delivering real-time visibility into the IT infrastructures to improve workload management, agility and business decision-making.


Version 3.1 of Unryo represents a fundamental upgrade, and includes:

  • A powerful Collector Agent, Pre-instrumented and Extensible

Unryo Collector is a lightweight container agent that you can deploy in clicks or programmatically. New instrumentations extend Unryo’s visibility to even more technologies out-of-the-box. The collector gathers metrics and logs, performs local processing, then routes the data to the Unryo platform or other endpoints such as Kafka.

  • Automated Deployment, with Near-Zero Maintenance

The centerpiece of Unryo’s platform is the connectivity service, that instructs collectors and every other platform component including databases and portals how to interconnect securely and automatically. It hides all the complexity of operating a large infrastructure, even when you have to deal with thousands of collectors spread across multiple data centers.

  • One-Click Provisioning - for Collecting Templates, Tags and Alerts

​New, intuitive console makes it easy to push configurations to one or groups of collectors seamlessly in just a few clicks. Its UI harmonizes the experience, whether you push data collection templates, log parsers, alert definitions or tagging rules to deploy and customize your monitoring.

  • The Three Pillars for Reliable, Unbroken Observability: Metrics, Logs, Traces

​The platform ensures fast and powerful gathering of metrics, logs and application traces, with metadata tagging enrichment to associate custom dimensions, such as customer name, business units location, service levels or any other information specific to your business. It monitors everything with a single-pane-of-glass view, is fully open, and is based on the best observability open source softwares tied with a world-class connectivity service (patent pending).

  • 100% API-first

​Everything you can do with the UI can be done with the REST API so you can manage everything at a programmatic level, from collector provisioning, tagging and metrics, to logs, traces, dashboards, and alerts. Unryo supports the requirements of Telcos, MSPs and large organizations looking to build custom integrations at every level.

  • SaaS or On-Premise Deployments

​Unryo’s flexible delivery options include a fully-managed SaaS offering and as well as an on-premise deployment option. The Connect Console’s innovative technology provides a high level of automation, central management of all configurations, plus and self-monitoring features to ensure that the maintenance for on-premise deployments is as easy as a cloud- service.

“Nowadays, there are plenty of great open source tools for organizations to build their monitoring service. But at scale, such DIY project requires a lot of time and resources to build and even more to maintain” says Unryo Co-Founder, Michel Foix. He further adds,


“Unryo's team has successfully deployed monitoring services for the largest organizations worldwide. Unryo is an innovative solution that unifies and enriches the best of breed tools into a completely automated platform specifically adapted for large organizations.”

Unryo is the world’s first solution of its kind that unites and enriches the best open sources into a pure cloud-native architecture that’s built on a common connectivity layer, and controlled by a central console. The result is a platform that lowers the cost of ownership and effectively addresses the dynamic monitoring and visibility needs of today’s organizations.   To learn more about our new product innovations, contact Unryo and ask for a demo or a free trial.

About Unryo 

Unryo is a modern performance monitoring tool and analytics platform that lets you gain full visibility into all the layers of your infrastructure, from the physical all the way up to deep inside your applications. All of this with simplicity, thanks to pre-configured connectors, analytics and reporting live dashboards! For more information, visit our website or follow Unryo on LinkedIn.


What Next for Unryo and you?

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