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Unryo is an observability platform that consolidates data from any source, across the full stack, so that you can fully monitor your infrastructure and applications, and respond to incidents proactively.

Unryo analyzes 100% of your infrastructure

Unryo is a cloud-native, modern platform that monitors all your metrics, events, logs, and traces in one place. By performing analytics, ML, topology-based correlation and service impact, your teams have clear insights and can react faster to issues. 


Data Ingest: metrics, logs, topology, all layers.

Unryo has a library of out-of-the-box integrations, across the stack. Those out-of-the-box integrations dictate how to collect a device, how to parse a specific log message, or how to present data in dashboards. They contain data collection templates, analytics rules, log patterns and predefined dashboards which are  designed to provide a summary of the domain presented, with drill-down to more detailed and technical views.

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Correlation & Analytics

Unryo processes millions of metrics and events within the stream of data, in order to detect anomalies in real-time. Analytic methods include:

  • Thresholding

  • Outlier detection

  • Baseline Deviation

  • Forecasting

  • Pattern Analysis

  • And more

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Dashboards & Alerts

The portal provides an interactive summary showing the overall state of the managed infrastructure, in real-time, across all the stack layers. From there, users can search and navigate to more detailed views.

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Platform Deployment & Capabilities

The easiest way to get started!
As a fully SaaS service, we host and manage everything for you.

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Cloud-native, CSP-grade platform

Unryo is a unified, container-based platform built on top of a unique (patent pending) connectivity service, that inter-connects every component automatically and securely, while enabling powerful control of the stack.

No Lock-In

With Unryo, data and configurations are yours and always exportable. Unryo’s platform unifies, simplifies, enriches, but never constrains you. You keep full compatibility with open-source products.

No Complex Setup

Unryo is designed to be very easy to operate. Unryo's modern control plane hides all the complexity and enables the system to self-maintain the system. Unryo's service mesh offers a secure transport of data.

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