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Unryo Emerges from Stealth with a Hybrid & Multicloud Monitoring Tool


MONTREAL - September 21, 2019 - Unryo, a Montreal startup, launched today with a new hybrid multicloud monitoring platform to help large organizations and telcos detect issues on their infrastructure and get insights in real-time.

The two founders, CEO Nicolas Souty and VP Michel Foix, spent 15 years in the service assurance industry, developing a leading monitoring solution that has been deployed in the world largest customers and later on acquired by EMC (now Dell EMC).

Unryo came up with the idea of filling a gap in the service assurance market.


"There are plenty of cloud-based monitoring offerings, that are easy to use, but too feature-limited to address large organization requirements" said Nicolas Souty. "These organizations need to move toward modern cloud-native stacks, but don't want to be locked in a vendor cloud service"


The Unryo Connect first's Cloud Connectivity Service


To address this need, the company came up with something new: the heart of the solution is Unryo Connect, a patent-pending technology built to simplify interconnectivy and deliver a high degree of agility that telcos, MSPs and Large Organizations are looking for.

"Unryo Connect is a cloud-service, globally reachable, that instructs any components on how to interconnect between them, and how to do it securely". Michel Foix said. "Then, this cloud service lies all platform components and even devices together, and acts as the central control plane, giving administrators a config-free, automated deployment, no matter if they deploy on-prem or cross-clouds."

By using Unryo Connect, organizations can build and operate easily any kind of hybrid multi-cloud services in clicks and at scale. 


A Modern, Micro-Service Monitoring Stack

Architectural innovation forms the core of Unryo. The Monitoring & Analytics Solution, called Unryo Monitor, is a modular analytic plaform that gathers data from datacenters, applications, network, IoT, clouds and services to tranform it into valuable insights for users and end-customers.


The platform is composed of packaged and certified versions of best-in-class open-source tools to enable state-of-the-art data gathering, time-series storage, search, analytics, and visualization. Once deployed, components learn how to communicate securely and seamlessly with the other components and app(s) of the organization, whether they are located on-premise or in the cloud.


"Platform Components can be deployed anywhere, on-premise, in private clouds or public clouds - and moved at any time to potentially lower costs, increase performance or respect policies. Organizations can also to choose to run Unryo as-a-service hosted and managed by Unryo." Nicolas Souty said.


The three pilars for us are flexibility, scalability and agility. "Telcos and MSPs are looking for robust solutions, with mandatory features going from multi-tenancy, data enrichment, gateways to OSS tools, and coverage of use-cases that have high impacts for them. Unryo supports this in a cohesive and automated platform with one-shop support" Michel Foix said.

About Unryo


Unryo is a modern monitoring analytics solution, powered by the industry-first cloud registry service, empowering organizations and service providers  running state-of-the-art multi-cloud hybrid services and moving easily to the digital transformation.

For More Information, Please Contact:

Unryo Inc.

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