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Monitoring the world's largest networks

March 3, 2021

The Unryo platform is built on a fully open architecture, focusing on flexibility, integration points and scalability, because technologies have evolved, infrastructures are now more digital and distributed. As a result, the monitoring service needs to be more dynamic, flexible, and completely customizable.

Seamless Experience

We know how to build scalable monitoring platforms

Prior to Unryo, our team created Watch4net, a software leader in IT monitoring, later on acquired by EMC (now Dell/EMC).

The Watch4net monitoring platform was strong in monitoring large organizations, with infrastructures composed of tens of thousands of devices and multiple datacenters. The product has been deployed to the world largest enterprises and telcos.


Organizations need the choice of deployment - SaaS or On-Premise

Flexibility is guaranted with a hybrid cloud architecture, so organizations can deploy everywhere and set-up an architecture that addresses their security and monitoring requirements. No matter if you're looking for a ready-to-use monitoring cloud service (SaaS) or a on-premise deployment platform, Unryo supports your preference.

Ancre 1

A high degree of customization

Next, the monitoring platform has to been completely open, with a high degrees of customization, from data collection to analytic and custom dashboard creation. Indeed, Unryo is template-based, entirely customizable, and all the configuration actions are controlled from a central UI.

2021-01-29 14_13_22-Unryō Portal.png
One Click

A rich API to streamline your systems

Organizations need a rich API that integrates southbound with all their possible data sources ; and northbound to build automatic workflows for alerting, auto-ticketing and auto-remediations. With Unryo, the unified APIs to let you do everything in a programmatic way.

2021-01-29 13_56_11-Unryō Portal.png

So try Unryo today! We’ve built Unryo, with automation in mind, and simplicity at scale. Specifically to address MSPs challenges that have to manage tens of thousands of resources, across multiple data-centers, multiple customers. 


What Next for Unryo and you?

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