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MantisNet and Unryo Partner to Build a Vendor Agnostic, API-Centric, Solution for Monitoring and Analyzing 5G Networks

June 7, 2023


Reston VA and Montreal, Quebec -- MantisNet and Unryo  announced a 5G observability solution that will enable customers to monitor their 5G networks through a broad range of reports, alarms, KPIs, dashboards, and visualizations.
In the cloud-native 5G world - network and packet constructs alone are no longer sufficient or relevant to provide the necessary visibility into the underlying infrastructure. Packets do not provide the appropriate context (container, process, link, machine, flow) and VM-based monitoring tools do not provide a sufficient depth and level of observability.

By doing API-Centric observability, the Mantisnet/Unryo solution addresses the challenges of monitoring containerized, distributed micro-services-based architectures. The combination of the Unryo analytic platform and MantisNet CVF sensors provides the collection of telemetry from the entire stack and transforms it into insights that users and customers can use to better operate their infrastructures and services.

Mantisnet-Unryo 5G Monitoring.png

Some of the high-level capabilities include:

  • MantisNet CVF agents that can be deployed anywhere from the core to the edge

  • Dynamic Discovery and Inventory

  • Accurate Topology View and Dependency Tracking

  • Messaging / Payload monitoring (incl, encrypted payloads)

  • Communications Flow and Tracing

  • Performance, Latency, Throughput and Resource Utilization

  • Resource Status and Protocol Conformance

  • Pre-defined dashboards, from global views down to API-level statistics

  • Anomaly Detection & Event Correlation

  • Alarm Console for Team Collaboration

  • Container-based architecture, to enable state-of the-art data collection, analytics, and visualization at scale.

Ancre 1

The Mantisnet/Unryo solution offers a real-time and multi-vendor visibility on the 5G network, from core to edge. By capturing various metadata sets - topology, flows, sessions and payload - and by monitoring it using analytics and ML engines, the platform provides service providers with actionable insights and reporting, and with proactive triage of network and service issues.

A detailed report of the Mantisnet/Unryo solution is available here.

About MantisNet

MantisNet is a leader in the observability and cloud-native technology revolution that is rapidly disrupting IT operations. The MantisNet observability platform—the Containerized Visibility Fabric (CVF) — provides access and visibility into the inner workings of cloud-native, micro-services based, environments—from the core to the edge. The MantisNet CVF platform is both vendor and cloud agnostic; it combines the power of deep kernel-level instrumentation, a composable event-driven architecture, and in-node processing to deliver continuous, real-time visibility. As a result, the MantisNet CVF provides significant cost, operational and security benefits. For more information, visit and follow MantisNet on LinkedIn 

About Unryo

Unryo is a modern performance monitoring and analytics platform that lets organizations gain full visibility into all the layers of their infrastructure, from the network all the way up to deep inside their applications. Unryo detects problems across virtual, physical, and multi-cloud networks, then it uses correlation to identify the root cause and impacts, so organizations reduce the service outages and ensure strong customer satisfaction. The platform is available as a deployable solution (on premise) or a cloud service (SaaS). For more information, visit or follow Unryo on LinkedIn

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