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Full Stack Monitoring & Analytics.

At Scale.

Unryo helps you reduce downtime with live visibility into your infrastructure, applications and clouds.

In few minutes, you start collect data using native integrations, and stay informed in real-time with easy-to-use dashboards and metrics to logs correlation.

Collect all telemetry data with the Unryo Collector

A single Unryo collector can collect all your monitoring data, even if your resources are deployed within multiple data-centers or cloud services. The collector compartmentalizes a set of specialized containers that gather metrics and logs, and is entirely driven by the Connect Technology for a centralized control.

Learn more about Unryo Collector


100+ Instrumentations

across the entire stack

Out-of-the-box, best-practice monitors for common devices and applications. Day one, be informed if your AWS VMs are in trouble, if your Kubernetes PODs are running out of memory, or if your users have a degraded experience.

Learn more about Integrations


Multi-Cloud Visibility - 

AWS, Azure, Google Cloud

Unryo directly connects with your cloud provider(s) to collect metrics and metadata on your cloud resources. Major cloud services are instrumented with dashboards and best-practice alerts, such as AWS (EC2, EBS, ECS, S3, RDS, Redshift and more), Azure (VMs, Functions, Storage, ...), Google Cloud and more.

Learn more about Cloud Visibility

Cloud Visibility

Host Monitoring 

for Virtual and Physical

VMware, Linux, Windows, Openstack.

Unryo monitors the performance, capacity, and health of hypervisors, virtual machines, physical host, containers and cloud resources from a single and integrated dashboard interface.

Learn more about Host Monitoring

Host Monitoring

Monitor and Troubleshoot 

Kubernetes and Containers

Unryo comes with auto-instrumentations that monitor your Kubernetes clusters and underlying infrastructure, by analyzing both metrics and logs. And generate alert of any possible performance or availability issues.

Learn more about Kubernetes Monitoring

Kubernetes Containers

Network Monitoring 

and Traffic Flows visibility

Increases network efficiency by detecting device-level and network-level problems. Monitor network devices with SNMP, IP traffic with Network Flows, reachability and response-time with Speed tests an endpoint tests, cloud traffic with provider's APIs, and exchange with other OSS platforms with TMF Open APIs.

Learn more about Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring
End User Experience

Measure and alert on

the End User Experience

Deliver better experiences for your users and customers, with real-time monitoring on the site performance, the cloud-based apps and the networks your business runs on. Unryo enables synthetic transaction monitoring, Internet Speed tests, network visibility, endpoint and real user monitoring (RUM).


Learn more about RUM and Networks


Navigate from Metrics to Logs, in a Unified Data Model

Unryo’s multidimensional data model is enriched with a common set of metadata to simplify search, grouping, filtering and reporting across all the data points and logs, in-context.

Learn more about Data Acquisition

Unified Model

Enrich your data

with Custom Tags

A powerful data tagger allows you to enrich data points with an arbitrary number of tags, before storage. You can define the tagging rules (key/value pairs) in a simple CSV file, and associate custom dimensions such as customer name, business units  location, service levels or any other information.

Learn more about Metadata Tags


Build your own Dashboards & KPIs

Create dashboards very simply for your teams and customers. Drag-and-drop panels, group and filter data using metadata tags or compute your own KPI with booleans and mathematical formulas.

Learn more about Unryo Portal

Customize Dashboards

Build Custom Integrations


Integrate key functions of Unryo into your DevOps stack using the Unryo REST API. The API allows you to interact programmatically with Unryo at every level: collector provisionning, tagging, metrics, logs, traces, dashboards, alerts. 

Learn more about the Unryo REST API


And also...

Easy collector upgrades. Secure Communications with Service Mesh. Data loss protection with Collector on-disk buffering. Data Collection usage insights and statistics. And more.

Unryo adds all the features required by CSPs and Large Organizations to collect at scale with a near-zero effort.

Learn more about CSP-grade features

And Also



Cloud-native, CSP-grade platform

Unryo is a unified, container-based platform built on top of a unique (patent pending) connectivity service, that inter-connects every component automatically and securely, while enabling powerful control of the stack.

No Lock-In

With Unryo, data and configurations are yours and always exportable. Unryo’s platform unifies, simplifies, enriches, but never constrains you. You keep full compatibility with open-source products.

No Complex Setup

Unryo is designed to be very easy to operate. Unryo's modern control plane hides all the complexity and enables the system to self-maintain the system. Unryo's service mesh offers a secure transport of data.

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