From datacenter infrastructures to cloud services,

from metrics to logs, from traces to network flows

Unryo's platform monitors everything with a single-pane-of-glass view.

Available as a fully managed service or as a hybrid multicloud deployable solution,

Unryo is based on open sources tied together through a patent-pending connectivity service.

The result: a modern stack with near-zero maintenance, fully open, without vendor lock-in.

 Network, Servers, Applications, Clouds

With Unryo, you get instantly insights on the performance, health and capacity on the entire infrastructures and services. We've designed tons of ready-to-use dashboards that display KPIs, alerts and logs in context.

  • Interactive navigation across metrics & logs

  • 100+ pre-built integrations

  • See the list


 Analytic-Powered Alerts

Unryo's Analytic Engine detects anomalies in real-time, using algorithms such as outlier detection, moving average and forecast. Events are visible in an Alerting Console and in-context within dashboards. Multiple notification channels are ready-to-use, such as emails, Slack, Microsoft Teams, or SNMP.

  • 60+ Analytic Template Rules

  • Alert Console to filter, search and manage events

  • Notification Channels


 Unified Data Model

Unryo’s multidimensional data model is enriched with a common set of metadata - such as resource name, resource type, technology - to simplify search, grouping, filtering and reporting across all the data points.


 Data Tagger

Unryo features a powerful tagging mechanism, allowing you to enrich data points with an arbitrary number of tags, before storage. Customers define the tagging rules (key/value pairs) in a simple CSV file, and associate custom dimensions such as customer name, business units  location, service levels or any other information.


 Strenghten Metric Collection

The Unryo Collector has the ability to buffer data to disk when it is unable to deliver it to the Unryo Platform. Once the collector reaches the Unryo Platform again, it sends all the buffered data points, thus preventing any data loss. In addition, it reports multiple statistics about its operation, such as the number of buffered data points and the rate of data points written


 Near-Zero Maintenance

You're in control. Unryo's platform is containerized, agnostic, and driven by a patent-pending connectivity layer that automates most of the work for you. One-Click deployment. Maximum visibility. Topology views. Geo-Map. Easy-to-use wizards. Hybrid and Multicloud made easy.

Administrators have access to a cloud-hosted console, from which they manage every deployed component, such as collectors, and see instantly their health and capacity. 


 Unified Configuration UI

Unryo's platform provides one consistent place for configuration, from metrics to logs to analytics to reporting. Configurations are securely stored and managed by a vault service, that reside where you decide - which can be in your infrastructure. The vault stores all encrypted configurations and  makes them available to containers when they request it.


 Customizable Platform

Unryo's platform is fully customizable at every layer: data collection instrumentation, metadata enrichment, KPI computation, storage retention, analytic, alerting and dashboards.


 OSS Integration

Connect all your multiple monitoring tools and data. Manage it as an integrated service instead of disparate systems. By simply ingesting your valuable infrastructure metrics in Unryo, you don’t discard any of your investment in your current tools. You can instantly benefit from all the Unryo features and initiate a seamless transition into the next generation with minimal disruption.

  • Simple API to retrieve charts, data, logs and alerts using criterias

  • Dell EMC M&R Watch4net Adapter

  • SDK to write new integrations for your apps