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Consolidate and enrich your monitoring with a single-pane-of-glass and multi-layer correlation

Unryo connects to leading OSS and to your custom tools, then provides a consistent operational environment as one integrated system.

Large organizations have to deal with disparate monitoring tools, which makes difficult to monitor coherently their infrastructure and services.
Unryo addresses this challenge by correlating data streams from all those monitoring tools, resulting in a global single-pane-of-glass view, a reduced fault resolution time and a minimised service disruption.
With this “Manager of Managers” approach, organizations do not discard any of their investments in existing tools, while initiating a seamless transition into a modern monitoring service.

A Global Visibility across Silos, Customers and Regions

The Unryo portal comes with a library of ready-to-use dashboards across the full-stack, from global dashboards to technical performance reports and customer-centric views.

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Global Visibility

Consolidate millions of metrics, logs and events from multiple sources

Unryo offers built-in integrations with many 3rd-party monitoring tools and with major communication protocols. The data model is open and extensible, making it possible to ingest virtually any source of data in the form of timeseries metrics, logs, application traces, topology and metadata.

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Event Deduplication & Correlation

Monitoring Tools, element managers and devices generate events in a variety of formats (SNMP Traps, Logs, …). The Unryo engines translates them in a common format, does deduplication, topology-based correlation, enrichment, and manages the full alarm lifecycle before presenting alarms to users.

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Event Dedupicatn

Anomaly Detection

Unryo does streaming analytics for millions of metrics and events. With machine learning capabilities and statistical algorithms, the analytic engine uses several techniques to detect anomalies in real-time, including adaptive thresholding, baseline deviation, outlier detection, forecasting and more.

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Anomaly Detecton

Root-Cause and Impact Analysis

Unryo discovers the infrastructure topology and uses it to correlate probable root-cause and impacted elements.

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RCA and Impact

Business Service Impact and SLA Reporting

The Business Impact Analysis lets you define or import Business Services such as Customers, Department, Contracts and more; then calculates their status, based on impact analysis driven by propagation rules.

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Business Services
Alarm Console

Alarm Console

An alarm Console helps teams collaborate for efficient fault resolution. The alarm console is fully-customizable, allowing users, support teams and domain specialists configuring their own panels, columns and filters.


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Fast Remediation & Automated Incident Response

The Unryo platform delivers bidirectional integration with Incident Management Systems, in real-time and with contextual data. Other notifications channels are possible to automate the remediation workflow.

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Cloud-native, CSP-grade platform

Unryo is a unified, container-based platform built on top of a unique (patent pending) connectivity service, that inter-connects every component automatically and securely, while enabling powerful control of the stack.

No Lock-In

With Unryo, data and configurations are yours and always exportable. Unryo’s platform unifies, simplifies, enriches, but never constrains you. You keep full compatibility with open-source products.

No Complex Setup

Unryo is designed to be very easy to operate. Unryo's modern control plane hides all the complexity and enables the system to self-maintain the system. Unryo's service mesh offers a secure transport of data.

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