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Digital Transformation:

No Time to Breathe

“Nothing ever goes away in enterprise IT, instead we keep piling new technologies on top of old ones.” This is the one most popular problem statement when listening to IT and DevOps professionals, no matter the size of their company or the industry they are operating in. This Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) impact brief explores how today’s ever-growing “hairball” of legacy technologies can stifle digital transformation by introducing an exponentially increasing monitoring cost for each new project and technology. And learn why is Unryo the ideal solution for unified monitoring for data center, multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, microservices, and edge.

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EMA applauds Unryo’s bold approach of breaking with traditional monitoring standards and creating a distributed yet centralized platform for enterprises struggling with today’s technology complexity 

Torsten Volk

Managing Reseach Director, Enterprise Management Associates

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