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Our correlation and AI engine brings precision, context and meaning to users.
It combines anomaly detection, topology-based RCA and ChatGPT integration to surface root cause and speed-up resolution.

Root-Cause Analysis
SLA Monitoring
AI Assistant

AI Assistant
that delivers precise answers

See topology elements and dependencies from multiple perspectives, and visually pinpoint potential root-causes and impacts.

TopoMap Kubernetes.png
TopoMap Kubernetes.png

SLA Monitoring


Works for dynamic infrastructures

Unryo captures changes in real-time. The model is dynamic, updated as changes detected, which works well for dynamic environments such as Kubernetes or cloud services.

TopoMap Kubernetes.png
TopoMap Kubernetes.png

Time Travel

See past dependencies, even for nodes that not longer exist.

Get started with 3 easy steps

1. Choose your deployment

Cloud-Hosted by us, or On-Premise (Kubernetes, Docker, vApp)

2. Connect your Prometheus 

Or any other data source, using a non-intrusive data collection, with no agents deployed.

3. Explore insights

Unryo finds relationships, anomalies, correlations - and presents results in interactive maps & AI assistant.

Level up your 


with topology maps and correlation 

Unryo is the only topology engine that automatically discovers and aggregates dependencies from all your monitoring systems.

Unryo enables teams with multi-layered topology visualization and clear context knowledge, at any moment in time. It ingests dependencies information from a variety of data sources, with no agent deployed and no impact on your infrastructure. It understands metadata associated to metrics, events and logs with out-of-the-box integrations that cover open-source monitoring solutions, cloud platforms, kubernetes, time-serie DBs, log engines, data warehouses and REST APIs.

Unryo | Topology Map Solution

Real-time and multi-layer

topology engine

Resolve issues faster with a dynamic, always up-to-date topology view across all layers of your infrastructure.

TopoMap Kubernetes.png


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