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Get cross-layer Topology and Correlation
on top of your data

Instantly                   Automatically               Non-intrusively

Unryo is a full-stack observability platform.

It analyzes your infrastructure and your monitoring tools to discover dependencies, correlate and surface problems.

Your operation teams get clear insights
with dynamic maps, root cause findings and AI recommendations to resolve issues faster.

Unryo is available both as a cloud offering or as an on-premise platform.


See Unryo in action

Who Uses Unryo?

All Organizations

that use a (CNCF) open-source monitoring stack
and look for correlation/AI on top of it.


seeking for an all-in-one observability platform.


looking for an on-premise option
with strong capabilities on the network & 5G layers.


Is Unryo replacing my Monitoring Stack?

You choose!  The architecture of Unryo is unique and works differently to fit your monitoring strategy.



Use Unryo as the
Correlation/AIOps Layer

If you are using a time-serie database like Prometheus, InfluxDB, VictoriaMetrics, Thanos, Cortex, Chronosphere or others, Unryo will query them and analyze key data to correlate and surface problems.


In other words, Unryo acts as the correlation/AIOps layer on top of your storage solutions,

adding key observability features for your teams:

Topology Map


SLA Tracking

AI Assistant

Your data (metrics, logs, traces) stays in your storage systems and is not duplicated (except if you want to).

How we do it     >



Use Unryo as the
All-In-One Observability Platform

Unryo can be your

all-in-one observability platform,

by collecting data directly from your devices and from your systems, providing a complete observability solution.

Template-Based Data Collection

Long-Term Storage

Analytics & Correlation


Migration scenarios are available to retrieve data

from Datadog, Splunk, Chronosphere and others.

How we do it     >

Key Features

Dynamic Topology learned from the ingested data. 


TopoMap Kubernetes.png

The Topology Map shows the infrastructure and services across multiple topology layers.


Additional features

Powerful Collector

Our data collector compartmentalizes a set of specialized containers and support well-known protocols: SNMP, OpenTelemetry, PromQL and more. Collectors are entirely driven by the Connect Technology for a centralized control.

OneClick Console

Get up and running in no time.
With Unryo, all your configurations are stored encrypted in a vault, which simplifies the platform's operation.


Add context to the ingested data by adding key dimensions such as customer name, business units,  location, service levels or any other information.  Enrich with data from a simple CSV file or from your external systems.


Interact programmatically with Unryo at every level


Get instant insights on the performance, health and capacity of your entire infrastructure.

Unryo comes with a curated library of templates and configurations that monitor specific technologies by understanding the key metrics/logs/events, discovering topology dependencies, recognizing anomalies in the incoming data, computing KPIs and providing dashboards.


Why Unryo?

Contextual Insights are better than hundreds of dashboards.

The Problem:

With cloud native world and highly dynamic environments, traditional observability systems are flooded with the vast and growing number of telemetry data.

This abondance of metrics and dashboards results in poor visibility for operational teams.

The Solution:

Unryo takes a different approach by focussing on the data analysis based on the business goals. It correlates problems to identify which issues are generating the most severe impact and the ones that put at risks company’s critical SLAs.

By doing so, it prioritizes and triages issues for operation teams and gives them context as well as AI-driven recommendations to reduce the MTTR.

With Unryo, users focus on what's important:


Teams get alerted when there is an issue, or even before the issue happens.


The AI Assistant gives teams all the context they need to understand the issue.


The probable Root-Cause is identified,

and the impact severity is quantified.


Teams have powerful visualizations, cross-layer topology maps, sunburst views, dashboards.


Improve Visibility

Reduce MTTR

Track SLO/SLAs

Leverage your open-source infrastructure

No Vendor lock-in


Get started with 3 easy steps

1. Choose your deployment

Cloud-Hosted by us, or On-Premise (Kubernetes, Docker, vApp)

2. Connect your Prometheus 

Or any other data source, using a non-intrusive data collection, with no agents deployed.

3. Explore insights

Unryo finds relationships, anomalies, correlations - and presents results in interactive maps & AI assistant.


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